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Tribute to Ashley Montagu

A Special Tribute To

Ashley Montagu

Honoring Him for 95 years of Extraordinary
Contributions to Science and Humanity

... for human beings the trait that will always remain
the most adaptively valuable in the struggle for
existence is the ability to love...

--Ashley Montagu


At 95 anthropologist Ashley Montagu has contributed an amazing range

of benefits to all of us now living on this earth.

His book Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race -- for 56 years insisting on our ethnic equality -- has everywhere helped demolish scientifically the false claims of racial superiority or inferiority, and foster worldwide movement for ethnic respect and liberation. Originally published in 1942, he himself created and brought out the sixth edition in 1998, at age 94.

His book The Natural Superiority of Women -- originally published in 1953 and recently updated by Montagu in a new edition, now in press -- came out when the idea of the equality of the sexes still seemed bizarre to most men, and even many women. Encouraging and strengthening the global rise of women's movements during the 1960s and 1970s, it still does so on into our time.

His books Touching and The Direction of Human Development, which identify love as an action rather than an emotion, have been in print and new editions continually since their original publication in 1971 and 1955. They contain the most cogent and valid statements of the central importance of love in our lives and in the evolution of our species made by a scientist in the 20th century.

Often providing important scientific leadership, Montagu also has fought for the causes of humanity that really matter -- opposition to the Viet Nam war, advocacy of the extension of appropriate nurturance to all children and, in particular, support of civil and human rights. Through his fifty books, his thousands of witty lectures, and hundreds of entertaining television appearances, more than any other scientist of our time he has brought science to life and lifted it to a level of hope and higher meaning for millions of people worldwide. Student of Franz Boas and Ruth Benedict in anthropology, cherished friend of Albert Einstein, honored with the Distinguished Achievement Award of The American Anthropological Association and the Darwin Award of the Society of American Physical Anthropologists, Ashley Montagu has been the 20th century's most effective bridge between the great scientists and humanists of the past and the much-needed humanistic science of the future.

Along with people around the world, we salute Ashley Montagu for his pivotal contributions to science, society, and the humanization of humankind.

The Ashley Montagu Institute
The Center for Partnership Studies
The Humanist Association
The Touch Research Institute
Sierra Nevada College

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