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Here we focus on an already activated FRIEND. This week:


After my psychiatric training, I practiced in San Francisco. While there I met Dr. Ashley Montagu. He changed my life. 

From my medical teachers, I learned mostly about human illness. From Ashley, over the course of 35 years of mentoring, I learned most of what I know about human health. I include this wisdom in what I teach psychiatric residents and others in the department of psychiatry at UCLA.

Rod Gorney
The core of that understanding is the nature and 
nurture of love, the subject on which
Ashley has focused most of his lifework. With reference to such knowledge, 
a learned colleague once said "If we would just use what we already know about human 
well-being, we could eliminate most of the world's suffering in one generation." 

That is the aim of The Ashley Montagu Institute. 

Admittedly high, but then if you are going to aim, should you aim low? 

Join us!


                                                                                Rod Gorney

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